Broad Windsor Long Pod (Bean/Fava)

Latin Name: Vicia faba

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65 Days



Open Pollinated


Suitable for Canning:


65 days. Broad light green pods used for dried shell beans, fresh market or freezing.
65 days. Broad, 8 in/20 cm light green pods contain 6 or 7 large, greenish white seeds. Upright, 24 in/60 cm plants. Use for dried shell beans, fresh market or freezing.

Broad or Fava Bush Beans

2 oz/ 57 g sows about 8 ft/2.4 m row. 1 lb/454 g will plant approximately 50 ft/15 m of row. 125 lbs/57 kg sows 1 acre.

CULTURE: Fava Beans have always been a favorite in Europe. Their unique flavor is quite different from any other bean.

PLANTING: The most important point about growing Fava Beans is to plant them as early as the ground can be worked. They will not germinate properly unless the ground is cool. A soil temp. of 45-55°F/7-13°C is recommended for best results. Sow seed in rows 3-4 ft/107-122 cm apart. Space seeds 5 in/13 cm apart in a staggered pattern, about 1.5-2 in/4-5 cm deep.

FERTILIZING: When fertilizing make sure that the fertilizer granules do not tough the seed as they can be easily damaged by high rates of potassium. Apply fertilizer in bands or cultivator marks 2 in/5 cm below the seed and at least 3 in/8 cm to the side of the seeded row. Make about two applications (a) after young plants are established and (b) just as pods are setting. Do not fertilize or cultivate right after a heavy rain or early in the morning, it spreads diseases. Black aphids are attracted to the succulent young growth at the top of the plant. Organic gardeners can prevent aphids by pinching off the centers of the plants when they are about 24 in/60 cm high. The remainder of the mature foliage is rather bitter tasting and most of the aphids will not bother with it. Larger commercial plantings should be well sprayed with Malathion (make sure you cover the under sides of the leaves) when plants are about 24 in/60 cm high. Repeat spray program as aphids appear.

HARVEST: Crops are harvested when pods are well filled and the beans are about 10% larger than original seed used for sowing. They are then shelled, eaten or quick frozen like Lima Beans. Blanch for 2-3 min. Cool quickly, drain and pack.

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