Stokes Seeds prides itself in the number of vegetable trials it puts out each year. Each variety is “Stokes Tested” in many geographic areas in the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada. These trials allow us to choose the newest and best products for this year’s Stokes Seeds Commercial and Home Garden Growers Guides.


Beet - Betty RZ: 50 days. Round, smooth red roots with a small crown and very healthy leaves. Suitable for early sowing.


Broccoli - Abrams: 104 days. Plant provides high quality dark green crown with smooth, firm, tight, dome shape with flat bottom. Vigorous plants holds the head up well.


Brussels Sprout - Luminus: 120 days. Produces nicely shaped, large, uniform buttons on an upright plant. An early-maturing variety known for its classic taste.


Cabbage - Green Lunar: 80 days. Uniform, semi-upright plants produce bright green, flattened globe heads weighing between 3.25- 4.5 lb/1.5 to 2 kg which are slow to burst. Axioma: 120 days. Round cabbage with very firm and fine internal structure. Axioma gives a heavy cabbage in a compact plant. Good field health, long term storage and high yield potential.


Carrot - SUN 255: Medium early maturing. Produces a strong yield of uniform, good internal color and tasteful roots. The roots are free form green shoulders, are slightly tapered but the tip is well fleshy at maturity.


Cauliflower - Twister: 75-80 days. Heads are tight, heavy and bright white with a fabulous spiraling internal wrap. Very uniform harvests. Well adapted to most areas. Prefers heavy soil.


Corn - Nighthawk: 68 days. An early maturing bicolor sh2 hybrid with excellent eating quality, good tip fill, and husk cover on a nice sized ear. This is a well adapted for early local and roadside market in the Northeast. Cadence XR: 78 days. Cadence XR is a full season high eating quality bicolor sh2 hybrid with ideal ear size for roadside markets. Cadence XR has an attractive husk package with good flag leaves and resistance to Common Rust. Bullet XR: 76 days. Yellow sh2. Dark green, attractive husk package ideal for roadside markets. Great eating quality and a compact shank make Bullet XR a premier choice for the mid-season slot.


Cucumber - Brickyard: 50-53 days. Great uniform smooth green fruit with plants that have a strong vigorous vine. High yield potential. Corentine: 45 days. Produces the perfect, dark green pickling cucumber. It has good early yield potential with high grading, firm fruit and a small cavity. Corentine provides reliable quality even under difficult growing conditions.


Eggplant - Nancy: 64 days. Mini eggplant, with a deep metallic purple color. Nancy boasts high yields with a nice compact habitat, suitable for growing on the patio or in pots. Great for pickling or pan frying.


Onion - Outlander: 85-90 days. Excellent appearance, very uniform bulbs with strong tops and roots. Best for fresh market and short storage. Ranchero: A highly adaptive onion producing a very good yield of colossal-sized single-centre bulbs.


Pepper - Sailfish: An early red bell pepper for fresh market, with high quality, blocky smooth fruit. Improved disease resistance. Tarpon: 75 days. Main-season hybrid. Compact plant habit with smooth, dark green, blocky fruit and high yield potential. Improved length-to-diameter ratio and shape.


Tomato - Fenicio: Early maturing. Deep red, uniform, very firm, smooth fruit with good external and internal red color. Suited for hot to cold, cold to hot and hot to hot production slots. Patria: Medium maturity. A brilliant red plum tomato with excellent quality and shelflife. Compact determinate plants that require no pruning produce uniform ripening and have excellent firmness. High yield potential.