CELOSIA - Sol Gekko Green and Sol Lizzard Leaf: A attractive foliage celosia in two distinct bicolor patterns. Thrives in full sun and rich, well-drained soil.


CUPHEA - Sriracha Series: Compact, well-branched plants that are easy to program and colors are very well matched for uniform production. A premium heat and drought tolerant variety that offers season-extending opportunities.


DELPHINIUM - Jenny's Pearl: Beautiful branched sprays of flowers for use in pots, bedding or as a cut flower. Dasante Blue: Vibrant blue flowers with light purple accent and white bee. Easy-care, cool season crop with uniform, grower friendly compact plants.


DIANTHUS - Venti Parfait Blueberry: Stronger plants with blush colors with contrasting center eyes. Venti Parfaits produce
larger blooms than Super Parfaits.


MARIGOLD - Marvel II Series: Uniform series under both short and long days. Offers improved branching, earliness, flower size and brighter colors. Sturdy stems hold up in shipping and poor weather.


LOBELIA - Starship Scarlet/Bronze Leaf: Stems are wind tolerant in full or partial sun. Use 1 or 2 gallon containers. Bloom Summer and Fall.


PETUNIA - FotoFinish Series: Extremely uniform, extra-early spreading series with perfectly matched plant habit and flower timing. Mounded and branching habit is ideal for high density growing. Easy Wave Rose Fusion: Plants fill out well, stay full of blooms longer and look good all season. Shock Wave Purple Tie Dye: Earliest to flower of all spreading types. Lush plants are blanketed with masses of small 1.5 in/4 cm self cleaning blooms on mounded spreading foliage.


SALVIA - Lancelot: A unique plant for borders. Produces silvery-white, felted leaves with lavender flowers. Rosy-lavender bracts and a pleasant sage fragrance. Excellent pollinator.


SNAPDRAGON - Potomac Pink: Plants produce tall, strong stems and long spikes with vivid color and good flower quality. Best production during periods of high light, long days and warm temperatures. Excellent cut flower.


RUDBECKIA - Amarillo Gold: Alluring huge flowers on short stems. Very well suited for pots,bedding plants and bouquets.


SUCCULENTS - Hippie Chicks: Attractive structural plant for rock gardens, mixed containers and green roofs. Mixture in a variety of colors. Succulent leaf rosettes, non-branching flower spikes.


VINCA - Tattoo Blueberry: Bold, fun and head turning this vinca's unique petals have an airbrushed look with soft strokes of black. Very floriferous and well-branched plants with an overlapping, fully round form that won't show gaps in hot temperatures. Outstanding color in hot, sunny conditions.