For 2020, Stokes has added many outstanding flower varieties. There are many new varieties and new colors in most of our popular annual species.

BEGONIA - Viking XL: Giant all-weather Begonia offers fast-growing massive sharp color and is great for landscapes or containers. Red on Chocolate is an AAS Winner. On Top: Easy to grow. Mounded plants covered in 2-5 in/5-13 cm large flowers that bloom early and flower longer than other varieties. Funky: Compact semi-trailing, well branched plants are easy to grow. Puts on an outstanding show in baskets, containers or in the landscape. Withstands full sun and lightens up shady places. Reliable, high germination.

IMPATIENS - Imara XDR: An Impatiens Walleriana with a high degree of resistance to downy mildew. Proven garden performace and reliable flowering all season long. Beacon: Our second Impatiens Walleriana with a high genetic resistance to downy mildew without the use of chemicals. Brings season-long, fast filling color back to gardens and landscapes.

MARIGOLD - Big Top: Massive blooms on a sturdy upright plant creates an impressive display of fully double flowers. Multi-branched habit and fantastic flower quality. Flamenco: Novelty color and unique pattern with yellow centre and red tipped petals. Looks great in the garden or in patio containers.

NEMESIA - Pretty Please: Large, bold, bicolor flowers on a compact densely-branched plant habit. Tidy plant stucture spreads 8-10 inches and is ideal for small pots.

VIOLA - Quicktime: Early blooming, free-flowering plants give gardens a splash of color in early spring or fall. Compact, uniform habit covered in 1-1.5/3-4 cm blooms.

PENNISETUM - Fuzzy: Upright narrow 4-6 in/10-12 cm dense pink/purple feathery heads atop fine green leaves.

SANVITALIA - Queen of Sunlight: Heavily branched, uniform, compact plants with masses of flowers. Excellent choice for mixed combinations or as a patio plant.

SNAPDRAGON - Potomac: Plants produce tall, strong stems and long spikes with vivid color and good flower quality. Best production during periods of high light, long days and warm temperatures. Excellent cut flower. Chantilly Mix: Large open-faced flowers with a light, sweet scent for cut flower production. Ideal for short days low temperature conditions. Formula mix of series colors.

SWEET PEAS - Knee High Mix: Semi-dwarf, bushy flowered variety with a mix of lavender, purple, red, salmon and white flowers. Use mulch to keep soil cool and provide good air circulation. Heirloom Mix: The perfect choice for old-fashioned and fragrant gardens. This mix is composed of heirloom varieties that are still popular today in colors of lavender, pink, purple, red, salmon and white.

VINCA - Cora XDR: Large showy flowers, in a wide range of solid and bicolor patterns, all season long. Easier to grow, improved branching, uniformity and more free flowering than original Cora series. Ideal for small to larger pots.

SALVIA - Mojave: Daylength neutral compact plant with unique branching habit.

ZINNIA - Preciosa: Early flowering 4 in/10 cm Dahlia-type double flowers with a compact branching habit. Vibrant flowers add a splash of color to containers and gardens.