Besweet 2001 (Soy Bean)

Latin Name: Glycine max

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94 Days



Open Pollinated


94 days. Plants average 24 in/61 cm and produce extra large greenish yellow beans. One of the best flavored edible soy beans. Pkt contain 25 seeds.

94 days. Plants average 24 in/61 cm in height and produce extra large greenish yellow beans. Very high soluble sugar (brix) averaging 13.2%. One of the best flavored varieties of food grade edible soy beans. Pkt contains 25 seeds.

SOYBEAN (garden bush)

A source of vegetable protein approx. 100 lbs./45 kg per acre; lb./454 g sows 125 ft./38 m of row; 2 oz./57 g sows about 18 ft./6 m of row.

CULTURE: Vegetable Soy Beans are almost as late to mature as Kidney Beans, so anyone living in the extreme northern areas of the U.S.A. or Canada should consider starting these indoors, about May 15th in 2 1/4 in./6 cm peat pots at 2 seeds per pot, 1 1/2 in./4 cm deep with a soil temp. of about 70°F/21°C. Soil temp., rather than calendar date, should dictate your sowing date in other areas. A minimum soil temp. of 65°F/18°C for 5 days is required for proper germination. At our own farms, near Niagara Falls, we never sow Limas, Kidneys or Soy Beans until about June 10th. Sow seeds 1 1/2 in./4 cm deep, 5 in./13 cm apart, in 12 in./31 cm rows.

LOCATION: Pick a nice sunny location. Shade will retard growth, and postpone harvest. Don not let the soil "crust over" during the germination period of 5 days, due to lack of moisture. Apply fertilizer in bands of cultivator marks about 2 in./5 cm deep and 3 in./8 cm away from the seeded row. Do not touch the seed with fertilizer.

CULTIVATE: Do not cultivate right after a heavy rain, or too early in the morning - when plants are wet. This causes the spread of late blight during Aug. Soy Beans are fairly insect resistant, so you may not have to use insecticides on the leaves. However, if you observe slight insect damage during late July and August, apply Sevin XLR every 10 days. For use of an insecticide treatment contact your local government control agency for advice.

HARVEST: Soy Beans are eaten in many different forms.

(a) pick the pods when they are fully developed - but still green (about Aug. 15th - 20th for early varieties and Sept. 1st for late types). They are very difficult to shell unless you boil them in salt water for 10 min. (one good tablespoon of salt, to 2 1/2 cups of water). Do not overcook the soy beans (this comes with practice) or the inner lining of the pod will come out with the beans when you attempt to shell them.

Soy Bean - Corn - Tomato Casserole: 2 cups of canned corn; 2 cups of canned tomatoes; 1/4 cup of chopped parsley; salt and pepper to taste; a touch of sweet basil; 3 cups of shelled soy beans; Simmer for 10 to 15 min. Serve as is with grated Parmesan cheese. (b) Harvest soy beans when they are fully matured and plants have dried up, (about mid Sept. for both types). They are quite easy to shell when properly dried. Pull the whole plant out of the ground and hang them upside down in the basement or on trays until they are thoroughly dry. Then shell and briefly toast them in the oven (like peanuts) - for 10 min. at 250°F/ 121°C. Salt to taste and store in glass jars.

A source of High Vegetable Protein Soy beans contain complete protein in extremely high quantities surpassing most meats (1 cup of cooked soy beans contains about 30 g of protein - which is equal to 1 lb./454 g of chicken or 8 glasses of milk). Soy beans are also stocked with calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, choline, biotin and inosital (the last three help break down saturated fatty acids). So you can see why weight lifters use "Strength" pills which contain powdered soy beans and pineapple concentrate as main ingredients. This high concentration may cause some minor indigestion for those people who "over indulge", as the digestive tract cannot handle massive doses of protein without giving you a bit of "stomach gas". Some of the hamburg chains have had to reduce the percentage of soy bean powder added to various hamburg mixes for the same reason. If you over indulge, "you may have to chase those soy beans with burpless cucumbers" to get your digestive tract - back to normal.

NOTE: This seed has not been treated with a fungicide.


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