Bells of Ireland

Latin Name: Moluccella laevis

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Suitable for Drying:


(2 ft/61 cm) Long stems, covered with green, bell-like 2 in/5 cm blooms. Pkt. contains 100 seeds.
(2 ft/61 cm) Long stems, covered with green, bell-like 2 in/5 cm blooms. Excellent for dried bouquets or cut flowers. Pkt. contains 100 seeds.


Annual (2 ft/61 cm) Approx. 4,200 seeds per oz/28 gr

GREENHOUSE: Seed will not germinate unless it is pre-chilled in a refrigerator @ 50°F/10°C. for 5-10 days before seeding. Sow in sandy soil Apr. 1st . Germination is usually rather irregular and very slow, taking about 5 weeks. For best results, soil temp. must be alternated between 85°F/29°C. day temp. and 50°F/10°C nights. Keep moist. If you have cold frames, it may be easier to direct seed flats and germinate the seed in unheated frames. This species seems to rebel against a greenhouse environment, for starting seed. It will grow like a weed, if sown outdoors in the Spring but you will not be too successful unless you try to simulate natural outdoor Spring conditions!

HOME GARDEN: Give the seed the cold treatment, described above, then sow outdoors in late Apr. or early May, while the soil is still cold. Choose a sunny warm location. Cover seeds lightly. Keep plants well watered and feed lightly with 20-20-20 fertilizer for extra long, full flower stalks. Cut flowers last quite a while, and are excellent for arrangements. To use as an everlasting, cut close to the ground, remove leaves, retain "bells". Hang up side down in a cool, ventilated cellar to dry. Spray with various colors for unusual floral arrangements


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