Autumn Delight (Acorn Squash)

Latin Name: C. pepo

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75 Days



75 days. Semi bush, high yielding, earlier Table Ace type with similar size fruit. Pkt. contains 15 seeds.
75 days. Semi bush, high yielding, earlier Table Ace type with similar size fruit and good PM tolerance. (PS10705) Pkt. contains 15 seeds.

WINTER STORAGE SQUASH - for fresh market & processing

Seed size varies according to type, see below.

CULTURE: Sow all types of winter squash, outdoors June 1st. when the soil temp. has reached 60-65°F/16-18°C temps. during the day. Earlier sowings in cooler ground, should be treated to prevent seed rot. Seed size varies: Large seeded types like hubbards require 3-4 lbs/1.5-2 kg per acre. Small seeded varieties like butternut require 1.5-2 lbs/0.8 kg per acre.

SPACING: Large vine types, should be planted in rows 9 - 10 ft/2.7 - 3 m apart. Small and bush types require rows 6 - 8 ft./2 - 2.4 m apart. Space plants 4 ft/122 cm apart in the rows for both types. Sow @ 4 - 5 seeds per ft./31 cm or in hills or groups of seed @ 6 seeds per hill, 4 ft/122 cm apart. Sow seed 1/2 in./ 13 mm deep, cover and firm.

CULTIVATE: Keep plants well cultivated, fairly shallow as long as possible without injuring the vines.

FERTILIZE: Disc into the top soil @ 600 lbs/272 kg of 6-24-24 per acre before seeding in early May.

HARVEST: Winter squash should be allowed to ripen thoroughly in the field. Winter squash must be picked before your first frost and cured for 10 days or 2 weeks before storing. Curing hardens the outer skin, reduces high water content and improves eating quality.

CURING: Pile fruit in the field for 2 weeks during dry weather, before frosts - or keep fruit inside at room temp. of 80°F/27°C and 80% relative humidity for 4 weeks.

STORAGE: Squash require a warm dry condition for storage. Handle fruit carefully to prevent bruising, leave a small space between fruit in single layers. Maintain a temp. of 60°F/16°C degrees and relative humidity of 70%

FREEZING: Cut into chunks, peel, cook until soft in a little water. Mash, cool, pack and quick freeze.


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