Audray Bicolor Rose (Gomphrena)

Latin Name: Gomphrena globosa

Item #: 1932A

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Suitable for Drying:


(20 in/51 cm)  Rose flowers with white centers. Pkt contains 50 seeds.

(20 in/51 cm)  Rose flowers with white centers.  Excellent as cut or dried flowers, they also are drought tolerant bedding plants.  Pkt contains 50 seeds.

GOMPHRENA   (Globe Amaranth)   

Annual Approx. 10,000 seeds per oz/28 gr. 6-18 in/15-46 cm

GREENHOUSE: (Cleaned Seed). Sow March 15th for May sales. Spread the seeds at 6 seeds per in./25 mm on the surface of the soil, cover with 1/4 in/6 mm of soil. Germinate at 80°F/27°C soil temp. for 14 days. Keep seed flat in total darkness for proper germination, or cover with black plastic. Transplant into peat pots or paks.

HOME GARDEN: In northern areas Gomphrena should be started indoors by April 15 for July blooms. Transplant 10 in/25 cm apart. It responds to very warm soil conditions for proper germination (80°F/27°C) - so you could not sow it outside until June. This would be too late as they need about 10 weeks to produce flowers. Gomphrena is a good cut flower and lasts for days. It is also a fine Everlasting. Flowers dry quickly and easily for winter arrangements-retaining their shape and color.


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